A Non-Governmental Organization
سہکار سوشل ویلفئیر ایسوسی ایشن

  Management Team

Provincial Executive Committee 

Mr. Akhtar Ali Kalhoro is President & founder of the Association & ex elected Nazim of union council, His qualification is M.A of Economics. He provide leadership to the management committee, Ensure that we adhere to by laws and constitution, play a leading role in supporting special events. Contact him +92-(300)-3426564 email:


Mr. Riaz Hussain Chandio is Secretary General & founding member of SSWA, His qualification is Master of Arts in International Relations and LL.B, He coordinate and co-operate with all the different team of the Association his responsibilities include managing the program of the Association, coordinating  with field volunteer and coordinators. Contacts Cell:  +92-(300)-3410613, Email:


Mr. Mohammad Rafique Khokhar is Senior Vice President, and founding member of SSWA and Incharge for (environment sector), His qualification is M.A (Political Science). His motto is to help the humanity in the best way possible. So you can reach him at


Mr. Asif Raza Morio is Vice President and expert historian writer, who has been considered not only amongst some adventurous journalists of the country but from few young and true press investigators of the time. He is working as researcher, journalist, editor in print and broadcaster of media as well as online writer since 15 years. His qualification is M.A (Sociology). He heartily serving of people his motto is to help the humanity in the best way possible. Contact him on Cell +92-(314)-7712354. Email:


Mr. Zameer Hussain Chandio is Deputy Secretary General, and founding member of SSWA, His qualification is Masters of Arts. His motto is to help the humanity in the best way possible. So you can reach him at email:, Cell +92-300-2507722 


Mrs. Noreen Riaz, Joint Secretary of the organization, her qualification is Masters of Arts in Political Science and actively working for women rights in the Association, her responsibilities include giving regular reports to the management committee, You can reach her at


Ms. Sajida Asif, is Treasurer,  Her qualification is Masters of Arts and In-charge (Child Welfare) in SSWA, She is heartily serving of people her motto is to help the humanity especially women. Contacts me on +92-(311)-3543329     


Mr. Aijaz Ali, is media co-ordinator of SSWA. He is a leading journalist writer and social worker of Pakistan, who has been devoted his literary services to the suppressed sections of the society. He is working as media co ordinator of SSWA since last five years. He focused burning social issues of Sindh geniunaly at the risk of his life.


         Executive Members

1.       Mr. Ubedullah Pahore

2.       Mrs. Noreen Riaz

3.       Mr. Zamir Hussain Chandio

4.       Mr. Shah Shariq Masood

5.       Ms. Naseem Zaffar

6.       Ms. Aneela Naz

7.       Mr. Nek Mohammed Morio

8.       Mr. Shahid Ali Kalhoro

9.       Mr. Mir Irfan Ali Chandio

10.     Mr. Javed Ali Chandio


           District Committee Larkano

1.       Chairman                              Abdul Malik Chandio

2.       Vice Chairman                      Abdul Nabi Sario

3.       General Secretary                 Shamsuddin Chandio

4.       Joint Secretary                      Khan Mohammed Morio

5.       Information Secretary           Zakir Ali Shan Dahar

6.       Treasurer                             Qazi Aijaz            

7.       Vice Treasurer                      M. Ramzan Samo

8.       Office Secretary                    Roshan Ali


          Executive Members

1.       Mukhtiar Ali Kalhoro

2.       Sajjad Hussain Chandio




        District Committee Hyderabad


1.       Chairman                                      Asadullah Jamali

2.       Vice Chairman                             Imtiaz Ahmed Lashari

3.       General Secretary                        Shahid Chandio

4.       Joint Secretary                             Rahimdad Jamali

5.       Information Secretary                 Wajid Ali Memon

6.       Treasurer                                       Saifuddin             

7.       Vice Treasurer                              Ali Bux Panhwar

8.       Office Secretary            Muhammad Ali                   


         Executive Members

1.       Ch Rashid Ali

2.       Zubair Ahmed



        District Committee Karachi

1.       Chairman                              Zamir Hussain Chandio

2.       Senior Vice Chairman        Munir Ahmed Memon                                      

3.       Vice Chairman                     Mohsin Zameer

4.       General Secretary               Asif Hussain Shah                              

5.       Joint Secretary                     Arsal Khan

6.       Information Secretary         Najeebullah         

7.       Treasurer                              M. Panah Bhutto

8.       Office Secretary                   Mashooq Ali


          Executive Members

1.       Madam Zerfishan Arbab

2.       Ahmed Dahiri